20 Hilarious Startled Animals That Are Just Too Cute


Animals are authenti creatures, and when they get startled or shocked they jump and act damn funny.

In this post I have compiled gifs of 20 animals who just couldn’t help but be surprised by just about anything!

If people can hide their true emotions with polite small talk, animals will not hesitate to let you know how they feel.

Thanks to all amazing photographers who have managed to capture these super funny reactions.

1. Poor bear LOL

2. Kittens disappear in 3..2…

3. LOL he went from 0 to lightspeed in a second


5. Trying to surprise his owner, gets owned instead

6. Let me just sit on this ball

7. This is what you get for being too curious LOL

8. Cats really are nervous creatures

9. This cat doesn’t know what to do LOL

10. LMAO

11. Have you ever seen a cat startle itself?

12. From sleepy to holy shit run!

13. Another cat startling itself

14. They are like springs, aren’t they?

15. What’s up he~juuuump!


17. Me when someone sneaks from behind me

18. What kind of cat doesn’t know how soda cans work?

19. Bloop, bloop, bloop

20. This cat just transformed into a robot lol