15 Funny Social Media Responses That Will Make Your ROFL


We spend more and more time on various social media platforms. Is it a waste of time?

Of course, no. Especially when there are people who post hilarious responses.

There are many funny comments around but we’re sharing the ones that can really brighten your day and make your ROFL.

1. Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car.

2. Come second for a change.

3. Can you draw?

4. Comment when you first met me.

5. You are not special for reading the Great Gatsby.

6. Lost my phone, but call or text me, please.

7. I can hear my boss talking on the phone at work.

8. This is a virgin.

9. I need a summer job.

10. One of the funnies black comedies ever!!!

11. I will watch you Tumblr down.

12. Long day with Jesus

13. Real life

14. You and your boyfriend use condoms, right?

15. Put your card in the CD slot


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