If You Do These 10 Things Differently From Others, You’ll Be Really Successful. Trust Me.


Dreams are all pervasive. Someone from an ordinary vegetable vendor to Barack Obama has dreams, both big and small. Dreams do not necessarily have to remain dreams, they can be put to action and made reality. Some people do achieve their dreams, whereas another sect of people do not, why? Well, it is not because of some complex mantra which is missing, but it’s only one’s approach that makes all the difference.

If we all did the same things in life, we all would jointly be successful or jointly fail, but we all do things differently and this difference in doing things determines the difference in the intensity of success one achieves in life.

After much experience and research, one can boil down to about 10 things which people do to attain the altar of success in any field of life.

1. Never quit

“Quitters never win and winners never quit”

This is perhaps one of the most important factors that contribute to success. In this world, there is absolutely no one who never experiences failure and it is in time of these failures that one should never quit, instead we should courageously advance. The one who is strong even in the midst of a problem is someone who wins out in the end.



2. Take risks

It is good to be cautious but it is dangerous to be extra cautious. One should be willing to take risks and moreover should also be ready to lose out on something sometimes, whether its something monetary or non-monetary.

If we are always extremely sceptical and traditional in our approach, someone more courageous who is willing to take on risks would surely surpass us and achieve what he/she wants to.



3. Remain positive

Perhaps one of the prime formulas to success is to have faith and be positive. By being optimistic, I mean one should have strong faith and determination even in the most challenging of circumstances. Everybody is highly positive in good times, but it is the rough phase which tests ones strength and someone who is optimistic at the worst of times is victorious in the end.



4 . Remain healthy

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Well, many people work hard and strongly persevere day and night, not realizing that they might achieve their dreams but unfortunately by the time they are successful either they would be too unfit or may be no more to reap the fruit of their handwork. Therefore, it is essential to keep oneself going, both physically and mentally in order to be successful in the profound sense.


5. Sacrifice

Students of Economics must be aware of this concept : “In order to consume more units of good X, a consumer has to sacrifice some units of good Y”.

Well, the same concept can be applied here as well. To execute all that one needs to achieve the dreams, we some time or the other have to sacrifice and let go off somethings that may hinder our struggle towards achieving these goals.



6. Hardwork

“Nothing in life comes easy”. The truth is extremely bitter but is not escapable. If any of you are devising a plan to be successful without any hardwork, you may want to scrap those plans and think of something else. Never has there been anybody who has shunned working hard and has still managed to achieve what he/she dreamt of.


7. Get good

Whatever endeavour we may take on, one can be happy by doing the job ‘okay-ishly’, but to achieve that highest point we must be damn good at whatever one does. You see work and success are directly proportional, being adept at our work gives us the success one wants, it’s as simple as that.



8. Serve

A man who shares something of value with others is someone who is a true millionaire. On attaining success and realizing one’s dream, one should go out of our way and help others, the so called ‘not so fortunate’.



9. Passion

Unless it comes from within, success will surely not be achieved. Passion is something which is often ignored and a lot of people tend to brush aside their passion and pursue something for other petty factors, like recognition, social status and acceptance. True and ultimate success is achieved when the work is done with utmost passion.



10. Principle and discipline

In the 21st century, not sticking to principles and lacking discipline is catastrophic and can lead us far away from success. Certain basic principles like truth and sticking to ones word is something which will set us apart from the crowd. On the other hand, someone whose routine lacks discipline would surely not be able to achieve whatever he/she may want.

I am sure while reading these, you would have been able to analyse as to what is lacking in you and what is already there in you. So let’s now pledge to induce those characteristics which were lacking in us and maintain those which already exist.

One should never be the same person as one was yesterday, it’s very important to challenge oneself and continually improve and achieve the impossible !

Good luck!

This is a community post by The DailyMoss reader, Rohan Dhawan. He writes for his own blog Buzzepedia. You can follow his blog on Facebook.


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