9 Things Only Fat People Will Understand


Being overweight always carries the extra baggage (pun intended) in the form of stares, looks, advices and whole bunch of jokes with itself. People look at fat people to make themselves feel better because no matter how worse their lives are, they will always be thinner than you. Being round has its pros and cons so here are nine things that happen to you if you have fat at the wrong places.

1. You get a lot of free and unnecessary advice from others that you don’t even want to hear.

If a person wears a size smaller than yours , he/she automatically becomes your doctor and guides you how to check on your weight. This trait is most common among our dear relatives who bring gulab jamuns in the first place, then tell you to survive on fruits and veggies.



2. You are considered as lazy and incompetent in everything.

It might seem that being overweight and being lazy are always in the same boat. However,  your answer is Ganesh Acharya, Saroj Khan, Farah Khan and the small chubby kid from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa who can break the dance floor with their art and not their weight.



3. Everytime you try a new outfit, it is a real struggle for you.

There is nothing more daunting and dramatic than to see yourself struggling to fit in the clothes in front of those four mirrors of the changing room. You pledge to lose weight as soon as you get out but then stop at McDonald’s for a treat because you know, it is food. Also, your wardrobe consists of a few selected clothes which have one simple agenda: make you look thin.


Image via: MyIndiaPictures.com


4. You are the laughing stock.

No matter what happens, you will always be the butt of the jokes in the party and since that butt is too big, you need a bigger heart to take it all in good humour as well.



5. You always think twice before you go for swimming. Big task huh…!?

Until and unless the people around you can’t see, you avoid permanent damage to the brain of others by not showing them the image of your bloated body in a swimming costume. The fact that you see yourself in the mirror naked in the bathroom gives you chills itself.



6. People start asking you dumb questions and you are tired of hearing them.

‘So how do you travel in airplanes?’, ‘Why do you want to join the gym?’, ‘Are your clothes made of elastic?’ Just shut the f**k up and let me finish my burger in peace.



7. And whenever you take photos with your friends, you are like –  ‘ I don’t want the full length photo, just the face’

Since you are paranoid about the fact whether you will fit in the camera frame or not, you will prefer only getting your face clicked as it the only presentable feature of your body. Your natural pose in a group photo is popping out from the back of the herd and just showing your head.



8. Sports is not your cup of extra cream chocolate brownie shake.

Remember the rule “The fattest one is always the goal keeper”? Well, be it football, cricket, or rugby, people with weight issues are always given the most stationary position.



9. But don’t worry because people always find you cute and chubby. You are the most loved one among your friends.


Friendly advice : If anyone calls you fat, tell them “Heat leads to expansion of the object. So by science, I am hot, not fat”.