23 Times Dogs Reminded Us We Don’t Deserve Their Goodness


What did we humans do to deserve such loving and cuddly creatures? The world is a boring place without dogs and we all know that. Dogs are magic and they should be taken care of and loved forever and ever.

Just take a look at these dogs who are nothing but cute fluffy cuddly and beautiful in every way possible. Your life will go from 0 to 100 in just three minutes!

1. That is a crafty booby trap

2. Caught yet again!

3. Show me the meaning of haste!

4. That’s a very diva of a dog

5. “Bloop!”

6. “Big dogs, I offer you this big stick.”

7. She’s not going to have a proper sleep for months.

8. “But, but we’re friends aren’t we?”

9. “Hello, I am the guardian of snow.”

10. The most interesting dog in the world.

11. “Please don’t let go of me :(“

12. Dog ready to dig!

13. His face says “I don’t care”

14. Aww he made a lot of new friends

15. Water dog or a land dog?

16. NSFW

17. Transcending the physical realm of puppers

18. He now looks like a sub-woofer

19. Blep

20. “Hello, yes, I am a retriever, I am here to pick you up!”

21. “Where is my body, human?”

22. “Woof! I mean, meow!”

23. They say the war of the tennis ball is still ongoing to this day