10 Unique Signs Of A Completely Broke Person. Get Ready To LOL.

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Almost every group has this one person who never seems to have money for anything. You may notice a few beads of sweat that instantly come up on this person’s forehead at even the mention of a prospect of spending money. Sometimes, you yourself may be this person with never a penny in hand and also be surrounded with other people who may be in the same state. We give here a few characteristics that are typical of such people.

1. Metro station becomes their favorite meeting spot.

Stairs, platform, corners, wherever there is space, they will just set themselves and sit for hours until a security guard drives them away. These are especially couples who have no money to hang out at some nice place but also cannot afford not to meet each other.



2. Morning shows are actually reserved for them.

They swear by the morning shows at the multiplexes because they are the cheapest. But, even a multiplex could be heart aching task for some, so they resort to watching movies in the ‘talkies’ instead.



3. When they go for shopping, it is only limited to window shopping.

When these people say “shopping chalte hain”, it actually means hovering in malls doing window shopping because that is all they can afford. This becomes a great way of hanging out too as only money spent is on reaching the mall and coming back.



4. “You got money…? You my best friend!”

These are the ones who always tag along the rich ones, not because they are the friendliest but because being with them means you can roam around with luxury.



5. They can manage everything with just Rs 10.

You know what? They have an amazing ability to make a mere Rs.10 phone recharge last for a month if not more. And how? Well, because they mostly communicate through missed calls, that too with the shortest missed call you have ever seen!



6. These people always prefer to walk and talk!

They are possibly the fittest people on earth as they prefer walking miles rather than pay for auto or rickshaw because they know they need those Rs 10-20 just as much as the rickshaw-walas do. They can inform you all about the cheapest public transport available in the city better than Google could.



7. And when they go out to eat, they always attempt to find the cheapest item in the menu.

In some unavoidable circumstances when these people happen to have a meeting at an expensive eatery, they can very smartly, without letting the other person know of the numbness they are facing, order the cheapest thing available and confidently say to the waiter “Yes, That would be all” and get away with it.



8. “Bhai aaj tu bhar de paise, agli baar me bhar dunga”

They live mostly on borrowed money among other stuffs while the above mentioned ‘agli baar’ is something that occurs only in a distant galaxy!



9. For them, east or west dhabas are the best!

They are the first in the group to let down the idea of eating at Pizza Hut or KFC and come up with the menu list of the nearest dhaba.  Dhabas Zindabad is perhaps their motto in life.



10. And the song “I am broke” is on a never ending loop for them.

They are the ones who are going to play a spoilsport in every other plan that is made. They will be the first to refuse, using the very same reason every time; be it contributing for a birthday gift or anything else that requires some money!


PS: Being broke doesn’t mean you are poor! And the best thing about being broke is you don’t need to spend anything and it helps you grow as a person. You know the importance of money in life.