20 Videos Proving Some Humans Are Idiots LOL


There are people like Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and other great minds out there, and then there are people like these who are the extreme opposites.

1. Hitting a concrete wall with an arrow…

2. Using a tire changing tool to fix an aircon? Cool stuff.

3. What happens when you put a dog in charge of a baby’s sled?

4. Balancing out in the open, what could go wrong?

5. Acting like you’re in a circus is bad for your back.

6. Boucing a bottle off a big balloon surely won’t make it hit something on the ceiling.

7. Lions messing around with a puppy.

8. Climbing over a chainlink fence while wearing a mascot isn’t the brightest idea.

9. Watching a TV too closely

10. Dancing on the roof? Safe stuff.

11. Using a selfie stick while driving?

12. Rocking the exercise machine surely will get you what you deserve.

13. Fighting the police? Well surely they won’t fight back.

14. Doing exhibition in the bedroom? That’s totally safe.

15. Using a glass skateboard sounds fun until it shatters.

16. Using a hammer to break down an entire wall lol

17. Totally safe to hang fifty feet up the air.

18. Standing too close to the edge while taking a video of people diving?

19. Indoor golf is absolutely a bright idea.

20. Jumping from a tree to a worn out blanket? Genius.