19 People Who Had One Job But Still Failed


There are people who are lazy and then there are those who are lazy and do not care one bit about the job they are doing. In this post I will walk you through on how to not do your job. These people had one job and they still failed at it. LOL

1. Good, now we can do drugs without interruptions

2. How hard is it to rotate things?

3. Whoever typed this should be fired LOL

4. Seriously?

5. Are they bacon flavored?

6. Right, a sugar-free sugar

7. No it’s not amazeing

8. Who doesn’t know Superman or Batman?

9. Are you supposed to jump?

10. You need to learn how to read upside down too


12. I think these strawberries are rotten

13. How ironic

14. Telephone booth but the phone is outside smh

15. That doesn’t help at all LOL

16. Jeez, how hard is your job?

17. Did they change the design of bunnies while I was sleeping?

18. From the Grinch

19. These don’t look like they’re for hamburgers