Boobs Barfs & Boredom: 7 Outrageously Dubious Anime Reaction Gifs That Will Baffle Your Friends


How about a barfing pink ball, a luscious wonder woman pulling out a 4-foot rocket launcher from her bra, or a potato peeling itself in anger? Yep, the world of anime can be as mesmerizingly diverse as Pan’s Labyrinth on steroids!

Check out some of the most outrageous anime reaction gifs to impress your friends or scare the hell out of your enemies – and don’t forget to share them so they’ll all laugh with you!

1. Where did THAT come from? Definitely a gun to remember.


2. Throwing up or gobbling up? We’ll just never know.


3. Such angry, much potato – who would mess with that?


4. ROFBD – Rolling on the floor BORED to DEATH.


5. Wet eyed hamsters with leaves on their heads have never been cuter.


6. For your inner powerful pink-haired girl.


7. When you feel like a mob boss … but Mafia gifs feel outdated.