This Super Mario Inspired Prenuptial Photoshoot Is Everyone’s Dream


Everyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s without a doubt played Super Mario for hundreds of hours during their childhood. I am one of those. And people who are die-hard fans of Super Mario since it’s initial release are already either married or at the marrying age today. Just like this couple who decided to have a Super Mario inspired wedding!

The invitation is simple, yet it promises something more

super-mario-inspired-wedding1 super-mario-inspired-wedding2

Every tiny detail is covered by the wedding planner


Even the brooches have that Super Mario feel to them

super-mario-inspired-wedding4 super-mario-inspired-wedding5

Table decorations are also absolutely lovely


And Princess Peach is a real beauty with her pink wedding dress and flowery headband <3

super-mario-inspired-wedding7 super-mario-inspired-wedding8

It’s not Super Mario without the coins

super-mario-inspired-wedding9 super-mario-inspired-wedding10

Of course it’s not complete without the infamous Piranha Plant

super-mario-inspired-wedding11 super-mario-inspired-wedding12-1

And other tidbits of the game franchise


Are they having the time of their life? You bet!

super-mario-inspired-wedding13 super-mario-inspired-wedding14

Cheers to that!


Even the cake looks Super Mario-y yummy!

super-mario-inspired-wedding16 super-mario-inspired-wedding17

Red jumpsuit? Check!

super-mario-inspired-wedding18 super-mario-inspired-wedding19

Now that’s a lovely couple!

super-mario-inspired-wedding20 super-mario-inspired-wedding21 super-mario-inspired-wedding22