15 Hilarious Bad Parking Notes That Make Drivers Regret They Got A Driving’s License


What do you think is the most  difficult part of having a car? Paying the yearly tax? Well, that might be the most painful one.

Learning where and how to park in a busy city? Isn’t that one of the most frustrating and infuriating things that can happen because someone is not-so-experienced driver?

Do you too get annoyed when you see that a so-called driver has taken two parking spots instead of one… does bad parking make you furious and mad?

Many people around the world believe that there is not excuse for bad parking… as a result they have found a matching response: revenge with super funny and sometimes insulting bad parking notes.


1.I am just doing you a favor… not.

2. Someone was naughty.

3. Here’s how celebrities are born.

4. The bar is lifted high

5. The eternal war: 2-wheels vs  4 wheels

6. Parking note with a Disney flavor

7. Your  brain popped.. no mercy.

8. Note with compliments

9. The potato clan hates bad parking.

10. No more morning politeness, Go Bruins.

11. Reserved

12. Like father, like son.

13. When they need to sharpen their driving skills and … crayons.

14. Hopeless

15. That would be surprising..


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