10 Patriotic Names For Dogs That Will Fill Any American Pet Owner With Pride


Naming your dog, cat, bunny or other pet after an American president can be considered very patriotic.

Military ranks and war titles can make for big dog names, especially if you have a bold and unwavering dog friend. Admiral, Bomber, Captain, Colonel, Commander, G.I., General, Gunner, Hunter – such strong and powerful names.

What do you think about Sergeant, Shooter, Skipper, Sniper?

The American-themed dog names are beautiful as will be the bond that you will create and the emotions that you will convey with your choice of a dog name. Here are our top 10 favorite patriotic dog names.


1.Franklin – A brilliant Founding Father of the U.S.


2.Polly – Polly Cooper was an Oneida Indian woman who helped the Army at Valley Forge


3.Belle – A reference to the Liberty Bell

4. Liberty –  A symbolic word of freedom in the U.S.


5. Eleanor (or Roosevelt)

6. Benjamin (or Benji in short) a great 4th of July dog name

7. Rin Tin Tin- a famous World War combat dog


8. Knox –  Refers to Fort Knox where America keeps its gold

9. Justice An American value

10. Getty – Short for the Battle of Gettysburg and the great Gettysburg Address

What is your favorite patriotic name for a dog?


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