14 Insanely Hilarious Text Messages From Dads That Will Make You Laugh


There are many examples which suggest that dad and text messages don’t go along and a plethora of reasons why parents shouldn’t use texts to communicate with their kids.

It’s proven by this list of hysterically funny text messages sent from dads, which ranges from strange autocorrects to bizarre responses.

1. At the end of the ruler is an idiot.

2. School is really great.

3. Do you know what that means?

4. Dinner is ready.

5. Hurry cause I’m going to cry.

6. Can you pick me up some condoms?

7. Unhappy fathers day.

8. I’m going to a party.

9. I want to stab everyone here.

10. Hey, what’s up?

11. What do you want for your birthday?

12. Wrong person, dad.

13. Can I throw a party this weekend?

14. Luke, I am your father.



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