16 Dialogues By Indian Teachers That Will Make You Laugh And Refresh Your School Memories

Fun India

No matter how many years have passed, we still cherish the moments we had in school.

We still can laugh hard remembering all those funny things that happened in the class and yes, it would certainly not have been possible without our teachers.

We all had our favorite teachers, the ‘hate most’ teachers, and the coolest ones. But one thing that is common in all our teachers is their dialogues which they just love to deliver. Teachers are our mentors and sometimes mentors do funny stuff as well. Here are sixteen of the most funniest statements that our teachers make:).

1. “Boys and girls will not sit together.”

Okay teacher, what do you think is gonna happen if a boy and girl sit together? You are teaching us reproduction and we actually might start making babies in front of the whole class or if you are teaching us about the Archimedes principle, we might get into a bathtub?



2. “Why do you need to drink water?”

Hmmm, let me guess. Actually my organs shrank today, so I might need some water to get them back in shape.



3. “Why do you need to go to the toilet?”

It’s because you let me have water in the class! Duh.



4. “I don’t care about other subject’s homework.”

Well, what happens when you say I couldn’t mark your papers because I have other sections as well, do we complain huh?



5. “Do not borrow stuff from each other.”

Yes, don’t. You might just pass on flu. Also, who said sharing is caring?



6. “I took your free substitution period to teach my course.”

Oh, you son of an evil person.



7. “Why did you forget your notebook?”

As a human being, don’t I have the right to forget things sir?



8. “Give me your parent’s phone number.”

It’s the ultimate death scare, which teachers use to win in situations where they don’t have a strong case. Therefore, it’s their trump card.



9. “Yours is the worst section of all.”

*Lie detector goes beep* This is the exact statement you made in the last class.



10. “I would have been better off teaching in a government school.”

You and me both, brother.



11. And when the bell rings, that overly enthusiastic teacher says – “What if the bell has rung? Give me two minutes.”

Remember those times when I ask the same question at the end of an exam with puppy eyes?



12. “You talkative, go and stand outside the classroom.”



13. “I want pin drop silence in the class.”



14. “Is this a classroom or a fish market?”



15. “You back benchers, hold your ears and stand up on the bench.”



16. “Why didn’t you do your homework? Did you forget to eat your food? No… then how can you forget your homework?”


If you remember any funny dialogues of your teachers, please share with us in the comment section below.