20 Things Only True Bros Will Understand – Are You A True Bro?


Having a girl friend is nice, having a best friend is very nice, but you know what is ultra nice? Having a bro who will be there for you forever. It’s not gay at all. It’s called the brozone where unspoken rules exist that help men become real bros to each other.

1. Having a bro is the best kind of thing in the world

2. With a bro you can lead an entire nation

3. Or if you’re tired you get instant six packs of beers

4. Just the word “bro” is an encouragement in itself

5. Yeah, just like that, so bro

6. One of the oldest bros out there

7. Now that’s a good pun

8. Need a drink, bros?

9. The life of the party

10. Where do I buy one of this?

11. And become a true Bro

12. Bros are there to help you with a lie lol

13. A chemist in training

14. A true bro helps you get more pussy lmao

15. Bruhzoned!

16. They work better than straps

17. Bros take care of each other

18. Even when we’re making out with someone

19. This dad is a true bro

20. What a majestic beard