20 Photoshop Masters Who Failed Hilariously Hard


People who Photoshop things for a living have one job: to Photoshop properly. But sometimes because they are on tight deadlines and perhaps they are dead inside, they fail miserably hard. And often it results to hilarious magazine covers and stuff.

1. Some ghost want to be in the photo too

2. This airplane can stand without it’s front wheel

3. You had one job editing that plate number out

4. Why is there a tiny person? LOL

5. That’s one big usb flash drive

6. Watch out for your shadow!

7. Warped sexy 😉

8. Another dismembered hand

9. Are you even trying, though? LOL

10. They visited the newly constructed road for photo op

11. That’s a big tiger, Clarence

12. Look at his hand

13. Oops, got caught!

14. Those are some nasty fingers you got there

15. How many hands are there?

16. Sure thing, bro, keep on lifting

17. Nice crotch LOL

18. Another tiny human

19. First case of successful head transplant

20. Often you photoshop to beautify people, not make them look like they’re almost near death