A Teacher In China Was So Fed Up With His Noisy Students, So He Did This

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We all are punished by our teachers in schools – they make us stand outside the class or ask us to stand on the bench, they mark absent in our attendance, and sometimes they call our parents. These are quite a normal way of punishing students in India. But, all these punishments will sound uninteresting/boring if you find out how this Chinese teacher has punished his students.

Recently, an angry teacher in China’s Hunan Province was extremely irritated with his students who continued to make noises by eating sunflower seeds inside the class, despite his repeated strict warnings. Zhang, the teacher then decided to teach the students a lesson they will never forget.


Photo Credit: Weibo via QQ


He asked all the annoying students to stand outside the class, then he got around 50 kgs of sunflower seeds and forced them to eat.


Photo Credit: Weibo via QQ


The 16 medical students tried hard to finish cracking those fifty kilos of seeds. But after they failed to do so, they surrendered and apologized to the teacher for their mistakes.


Image Source: Weibo via QQ


The teacher has forgiven the students for their misconducts after they promised not to do it again.

Now, no more noise in class. Lesson learnt! The End.

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