30 Christmas Inspired Cakes That Will Make You Hungry


Christmas is still a month away but we can already feel it in the air all around the globe. You know what’s cooler than Christmas gifts? Christmas cakes for everyone! If you are thinking of baking and decorating a Christmas cake but you are stumped, here are 30 inspirational Christmas cakes that you can imitate (and improve upon!).

But seriously, it doesn’t matter what your religion is, it’s fun!

1. Hello Kitty Christmas and Birthday Cake

BY: Wellwin Kwok

2. Christmas Cake With Strawberries

BY: Janine

3. Igloo and Penguin Cake

BY: Rob Watling

4. Cabin and Santa Cake

BY: rmansoorian

5. Santa and Rudolph

BY: Kim Hyeyoung

6. Sleigh Cake

BY: Wicked Little Cake

7. Christmas Pancake

BY: Yuichi Sakuraba

8. Cake Decor

BY: Whity

9. Strawberry Snow Cake

BY: James Gochenouer

10. Sliced Christmas Cake

BY: JK Johnny

11. Slice of Christmas Cake

BY: Hajime Nakano

12. Mr. and Mrs. Clause

BY: Linda Marklund

13. Korean Christmas Cake

BY: Call4Beach

14. Snowman Cake

BY: Jacinta Lluch Valero

15. Giftbox Cake

BY: Sweet Pea 0613

16. Snowflake Cake

BY: Yuichi Sakuraba

17. Rudolph’s Cabin

BY: Paula Funnell

18. Baby Jesus Christmas Cake

BY: Derek Winterburn

19. Reindeers

BY: Jacinta Lluch Valero

20. Christmas Winter Cake

BY: tortentante.blogspot.de

21. Gingerbread Cake

BY: Ruth Hartnup

22. Christmas Eve

BY: Anxeli

23. Santa’s Gift Bag

BY: Cakemania.it

24. Santa Caught in Chimney

BY: Ashya

25. Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

BY: Grace Tari

26. Traditional French Christmas Cake

BY: MrPurpleXXX

27. Gingerbread Village Cake

BY: Kristyrossi

28. 12 Days of Christmas Cake

BY: bakedestbean

29. Angels, Snowman, and Santa Cake

BY: ElasticZeus

30. Christmas Tree Cake

BY: Chris Waits