Protests Reveal What Europeans Really Think of Trump & Hilary!



What we thought was a joke has turned into anything but…

When we saw the debate forming around the 2016 US Presidential Election on an online discussion board (that shall not be named…) we didn’t take it seriously… and now it’s become a movement.

A Movement… as in protesters, demonstrations… and police crowd control.

We’ve reported on this thing throughout its development. Although we mostly thought it was just a weird thing college kids did to fill their time.

When it first started… HERE

When it started hitting the streets… HERE

But in the words of The Bad Boys… “Shit Just Got Real”

The ‘Either Way…’ movement started around the T-Shirt designs of ‘’ and it’s now spilled onto the streets.

Activists have joined under one banner to oppose BOTH of the leading 2016 US Presidential Candidates.

Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump Funny T-Shirt Meme

The T-Shirt That Started It All…

Comes in all sizes and as a hoodie too! :p

The ‘Either Way…’ movement started with British T-Shirt designers ‘’ who released a series of designs that made fun of the candidates.

It quickly became popular as it helped vocalize the thoughts of other spectators; those who feel the US has thrown the entire world into a very tough situation – by essentially guaranteeing their next President cannot be trusted.

Either Way Amsterdam

A Calm, Laid Back & Peaceful Protest In Amsterdam…

no surprises there!

Reality now seems to be setting in as people realize the American people’s choices have consequences on the rest of the world. Those consequences seem to be dire. Now celebrities, documentary makers, comedians and the every day public are now finally speaking out.


Russell Brand has dedicated several episodes of his newscast ‘The Trews’ to stating objective criticism to the two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


It’s Not Just Europe Anymore – It’s Hit The Shores Of California!

British documentary maker Adam Curtis has released his latest work ‘HyperNormalisation’ at the perfect time.

HyperNormalisation explores how we’re now so used to nonsense, lies, corruption, scandal and general bad behaviour from our most important role models…

that when the world as we know it is on the brink of destruction, we’ll hardly notice until it’s way too late.


Scary. Stuff.

So far protests have been seen and noted in the main European hotspots of London, Paris and Amsterdam… the key places we first saw the uprisings take place.


French Students Rally Around To Oppose Clinton And Trump…

Protests have so far been peaceful and we’re grateful for that. Since we’ve been reporting on this from the start with a playful tone, we have to take our ‘fun hat’ off for a second and make it very clear…


This isn’t to be used as an excuse to cause trouble, like this guy…


Maybe He Took Our USA Brexit Image To Seriously…

Just wear the T-Shirt… state your dismay… make jokes about ‘those awful candidates’ if you like… but stay safe and keep it classy.

Also – this is hilarious:


Do The US Presidential Candidates Bother You Too?

You can Grab your own at while they’re still available (and relevant!) and join the ‘Either Way…’ Movement.

The Election Takes Place November 8th 2016… we expect things to heat up… grab it as memorabilia to show your grand kids!