14 Amazing & Unusual Wonders That Actually Exist In The World


This world is so big and has so much to offer that one life is never enough for a person to explore it and see and experience all its wonders. It is great that now we have Internet and can wander around different places on Earth.

We know it’s not the same as being there in person, but such explorations can also make us gaze in awe – we are blessed to be born on this planet.

1.RAINBOW TREES or Australian eucalyptus grow along the Hana Highway, Australia.

2. The incredibly COLORFUL ROCK FORMATIONS in China are stunning sandstone hills and mountains.

3. LIVING ROCKS or Pyura Chilensis is an immobile ocean creature that has clear blood, and a body able to accumulate surprisingly large amounts of a rare metal. When cut open it bleeds.

4. These BLOOD FALLS are located in Antarctica inside the Taylor Glacier. 5. Real Animals are turned into eerie statues in a deadly ALKALINE LAKE  in Tanzania.6. As a result of the migration of the European Starling Birds, we can observe a BLACK SUN in Denmark. 7. CRAB MIGRATIONS of over 120 million crabs can be seen on the Christmas Island. 8. STEAM TOWERS of gas create an eerie sight against an auroral display.

9. The WHITE RAINBOW is, in fact, an arched dense fog.10. The Green Sun or GREEN SUN can be observed during sunrise on sundown when the conditions are right.  11. A volcano in Indonesia bursts BLUE LAVA, a matter with an extremely high temperature.  12. The NEVER-ENDING WAVES in Brazil can travel 500 miles without slowing down.  13. The DESERT BLOOM in Chile is a climatic phenomenon that occurs after heavy rains. 14. The EVERLASTING STORM in Venezuela can rage for 160 days.  


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