10 Hilarious Photos of Sneaky Little Angels That Will Make You Cry


Every child is different and has his own preferences, which he expresses and satisfies through different games and activities.

Many of them try to do certain activities without parental involvement: they want to prove that they can be independent even if they might not be completely ready for that.

They want to choose their clothes, to dress up on their own or to go to school without being accompanied by an adult. Many of them insist on staying alone at home, secretly hoping that they’ll have the whole apartment for themselves.

But how do we know if they are ready? Are we ready?
Should we be worried when we leave our kids home alone?

These funny pictures have the answer.

1. We had such a wonderful time! Yes, there are bubbles everywhere, but now we’re all clean.

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2. See, I told you I’d learn how to use the scissors.


3. We worked on his appearance so that he can pass any face control.

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4. Let it snow, let it snow.

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5. The perfect tuning of the car… any parent can dream of.

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6. I thought it would be great to paint in white… the house, I mean.

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7. Hide and seek, let’s play hide and seek.

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8. It’s like a puzzle, but for grown-ups.

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9. There was a rainbow at home and it left some traces.

10. I was looking for a spoon and then I stopped looking for one.



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