14 Fascinating Childhood Memories You Will Never Be Able To Forget


The most memorable moment for every one of us is when we were a little kid – our childhood. It was really adventurous and fun to steal plenty of mangoes from that old lady who you disrespected to death or you being very phony with your mother just to sneak out and play marbles on every single sunny day. Wasn’t it?

We all still look back on those silly days, still have very nostalgic memories that make us sober uncontrollably. And to the most, I would say that you didn’t have a complete childhood if you didn’t have a silly next-door girl whom you played with every day.

We all had that sweetest time when we helplessly passed out in our pants in the middle of those repetitive rhyme lessons. For those who have not really enjoyed the childhood, it is still not too late to pass out in your pants and have that sweetest childhood memory! Have a go!

1. No matter what, your dad would always come with “pictures” like this. He would also watch you closely and make sure you follow them. You are what you are today because of this picture and your dad.

ideal boy


2. You learn in school that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Your phony friends are always by your side in every appealing situations.

friend inneed


3. Putting the ball in basket was the greatest task ever given to you, and your friends would challenge you like anything in it.



4. After school or tuition classes, you would throw your bag and go starving to the nearest subway just to play this game and beat everyone up.

Childhood Memories



5. You and your friends always wanted to be the outstanding students. Ohh..!!! How other class students looked at you with those big jealous eyes. You and your friends were definitely the coolest students in your school.

childhood memory


6. Also, you would always play this finger-game and would never get tired. Because, you specially played it with the silly next-door girl or that sweet girl who sat beside you in the class. And remember, she always won.

childhood days


7. Even if you were kids, you knew there was no loss in trying. So, you tried real hard in an exam paper, and many a time such puzzling results do turn out. Didn’t you try this in school?

funny test


8. You always go around the backyard of your neighbors with your handiest tool – Catapult, to get anything and fill your pockets. Childhood stolen fruits are the tastiest fruit one could ever have, my friend said.

childhood game


9. During Diwali time, you would horse around with every one with a gun like this. Your mother would completely refuse to buy one, but you still would buy it with your own pocket money secretly.

childhood toy


10. The crazy game of pilling stones was also in you and your friends’ marvelous innovation. And how really hard you would hit the phony big guy who you hated like anything.

India Iagori



11. This is the game that would certainly not get out of your mind. You could actually play this for years. Remember how you hoped everyday was a Sunday. The only reason why you fell ill was because of this game.

kid playing marble

Source: flickr


12. This was also a precious possession that made you stand out from your squad. Your night time was always terrific fun with you shooting everyone in the head. You were unfailingly in your own mission every night.

90s kid


13. How thankful you were to your parents when they bought you your first bike. How you washed it every single day and not let anyone touch it. You didn’t know not every kid had this and you were very fortunate.

kid bicycle



14. At last, we really could not believe when we turned adolescent. We are filled with nostalgic feelings to our neck, and feel that our live is over: the moment tears don’t come yet laughter is still far.

childhood over