27 Indians Who Were Brutally Murdered By The English Language: RIP

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“I can talk inglish, I can walk inglish, I can laugh inglish… because inglish is a very phunny language.” – Amitabh Bachchan in Namak Halaal

The cruel British not only colonized our country and stole our goods, but they also left us their ‘phunny’ language and made it the official language of India.

Now, English is so popular in India that it is considered as a privileged language. The more you are fluent in English, the more you are respected by society. However, unfortunately, for some people, English is not their cup of tea…they struggle so hard with this language and their lives and businesses have completely been ruined by the forgivable ‘spelling mistakes’.

RIP (for those less  educated, non-fluent English speaks – the full form and meaning of the acronym is Rest In Peace, stands for death… end…of something/someone). RIP, English.

1. Getting in trouble with some legal issues? Let this ‘ferm’ handle your case.

law firm rip english

2. This hair designer who didn’t know the importance of ‘apostrophe’.

hair designer

3. See, apostrophe is really important when it comes to a ‘name’ like Anu.

worst name rip english

4. This director who gives preference on some weird basis.

notice rip english

5. And this husband.

receipt rip english

6. Curious to know what the nurses do here?

rip english

7. Grils wanted, SALAS!

rip english

Image: Ali Galiakot

8. This institute which is meant for ‘lalies’ only.

spoken english

9. Because ‘vowels’ are too exaggerated.

rip english

10. Would you try some ‘ficial’ and die here in this saloon?

rip english

11. Your baby throwing tantrums? Get him/her here.

rip english

12. Or here, and do the necessary cutting with MESSES.

rip english

13. Just fill it up!

rip english

via funzug

14. Sometimes, PRONOUNS can be really problematic.

rip english

15. And when one spelling mistake ruins the reputation of this honourable chief minister.

horrible minister rip english

16. Go home “be love” leader, you are now on a long leave.

long leave rip english

17. India SCREWED

rip english

via day.in

18. Trun, trun, turn….right

rip english

19. Running out of ‘andar wears’? Get it from here. 100% cotton.


20. Only Rs 15 🙂

spelling rip english

Image: Rahul Shankhwar

21. Feeling weak and exhausted all the time? Well, get your body tasted here.

rip english

22. Or your mind always thinking weird? Get it treated here.

rip english

23. But does it matter when you get 15% discount on all your home accessories?

spelling mistake sign

Image: Vishal Tomar/The DailyMoss

24. As a man, I won’t actually mind buying one. 🙂


25. This guy is having some serious health issue. Headache in legs?

rip english

26. This eating CORNER where moms are cooked and sold.

rip english

27. BTW, never feel ashamed or lose hopes. Call up this guy and build your confidence in speaking English right away…

advertisement fail

…and start speaking like James Bond.

james bond

OK ladeez and jents, please stop laughing and share it with YOU’RE friends. 🙂

What are the worst spelling mistakes you have ever seen.