12 Unfortunate Indian Names You’ll Feel Glad Your Parents Didn’t Name You


People keep on asking us, which are the funniest Indian  Names.

Imagine, what would be the everyday situations of these people with such awkward names. Every time someone calls them, they get so offended and land into an embarrassing moment. Here are some really unfortunate and hilarious names you will be glad your parents didn’t name you.

1. Planning to double up your investment? Well, this is the right place to milk it.

funny indian names


Does it matter when you are so qualified? That’s B.Sc Tech.

funny Indian names


2. This guy has the most respected job but his last name completely ruined his career.

funny indian names


3. I assume Mr. M.G. Cholera chose a wrong profession.

funny indian names


4. Did you find the hidden combo? Look closely at the names of the doctors. Yes, the first and third one.

funny indian names


5. At least it’s good that his research interests don’t involve Nazi, Jews or aftermath of World War II.

funny indian names


6.  And everytime she introduces herself in the class, the students burst into laughter. 🙂

nika funny indian names


7. Yes, that’s Bond. JAMESBOND SINGH. Without a space.

james bond singh


8. Here is someone with the name ‘Valentine Mirchi’.

valentin emirchi funny indian names


9. Your girl suffering from some weird behavioural disorder? Get her admitted here.

funny indian names


10. Itna matmare?

librarian funny indian names


11. So you think your name is too bad?

funny indian names


12. And let’s give ‘2 minutes of silence’ for this man with the most unfortunate Indian name ever.

funny indian names



funny indian names

Vaibhav Gupta/The DailyMoss

Now, stop giggling and share with us the most funniest names you have ever heard in your life in the comment section below.