10 Mind-Blowing Dumb Questions That People Actually Asked The Internet


In school teachers will tell you that there is no such thing as a dumb question. But perhaps these teachers don’t spedn much time on the internet. If they saw any of these questions below, they’d give whoever aasked them a double facepalm.


1. That’s a superpower nobody posssesses.

stupid questions

2. Oh, oh, oh.. I know.. a queen!

stupid questions

3. Wouldn’t you like to go on a cruize in the Specific Ocean.

stupid questions

4. Of course it is a real story and the actors were amazing!

5. How did she get pregnant? Magick?

stupid questions

6.  You either pass or fail ?

stupid questions

7. Yes. But that skill requires practice.

8. What is the value of being a woman?

mind-blowing dumb questions

9. Looking for a good-manners school. I want to be a role-model vampire!

10. A bllion -dollar idea?!

Do you know someone who would ask one of these questions? Here’s you chance to call them out publicly.


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