15 Smartass Redditors Who Tried To Impress India With Their KNAWLEDGE, But Failed Miserably


India is a beautiful country and we all know that, but it also has its dark sides like any other. But do you have an idea about what people from around the globe know about this beautiful country?

Let’s find out and tell us if you think these are accurate or not, and add to the comments below what you think should be done to these people!

1. What they know about greetings

2. And the way physics works differently in India, but some smartass leveled the field

3. Then this guy who has sorted his priorities accordingly

4. And this another smartass

5. But at least everyone knows they should be embarrassed when it comes to budgeting

6. Not only that, some actually know a lot about Buddhism and Indian music

7. And some are actually geniuses. MIND=BLOWN

8. Snek


9. Then there’s this guy who actually knows a lot, without sarcasm.

10. But there are also bitter white people

11. It’s also the best place to be multilingual

12. India is full of smart people like this airport official

13. That India is a real-life Disney movie

14. These people who have very little knowledge about what India actually is

15. And this guy totally knows what needs to be done for India

More can be found on this Reddit thread but be careful, a lot of posts are racist in nature.

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