How Many Of These Indian Brands Do You Remember?


It’s been a while since our last post, but now we’re back and we’re ready to take everything to another level. That means more funny stories, entertaining news, and sometimes actual news that you’d want to read. And to kickstart things off, let me ask you this: How many of these vintage print advertisements for Indian products from the 50s-80s do you actually remember, and how many of them survived?

Don’t forget to comment your answer below — and inevitably tell us how young or old you actually are!

1. How much of these gave you toothache when you were young?

2. Too much sugar is bad for your health, but nostalgia probably isn’t.

3. But forgetting to change the tap will probably earn your father a death stare from his wife.

4. Which of course can easily be resolved by these delicious treats.

5. How about this oddly named casket for festivals? Someone please help me understand.

6. We all know someone who has at least one of these.

7. Don’t you just love the smell of Vicks when you are sick?

8. Also, did you know that VR was invented way way way back?

9. When was the last time you ate these biscuits?

10. Add this softdrink to your afternoon snack and you are one happy kid.

11. And then this…what is this

12. But at least you have a sturdy and beautiful bag.

13. And probably you’ve got some chiclets on your shoes or pants at one point in your life. I mean, who doesn’t?

14. The most luxurious way to end your bath is to look Fierce.

15. And of course you need to take a photo of that look.

16. And this one’s for the adults at the time, for when they lost their…vigor. Go on, ask your father.

17. Literally better than Nutella.

18. And this one’s literally older than Bollywood.

19. What about this? You’ll never be as cool as these kids.

20. We can all agree that they no longer make them like they used to.

21. Technically not a brand, but they just look too good in here.

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