10 Funny Witches’ Quotes That Will Make Halloween 2019 Spook-tacular


What is the first thing that comes to your mind every year when the calendar turns to
October? If you close your eyes you can surely smell some cinnamon, taste a freshly baked
pumpkin and see happy people celebrating Halloween!

The trick or treat times of 2019 are almost here!

We all feel the excitement of the upcoming holiday and get eager to decide what costume
to wear. As witches are one of the classic symbols of Halloween we have prepared 10 funny
witches’ quotes to put you in a festive mood!

1. “Thank God I got the vibrating broom! It’s awesome! You can even feel it in your eyes! “


2. “Hey, kid! Do you also like to take snapshots of your favourite food?”


3. “Don’t drink and fly, witches! There must be at least somebody that loves you!”


4. “My favourite spell – giving men a dose of menopause! Makes me laugh all night long!”


5. “Have you heard of a witch threesome? Trust us, it’s wicked!”


6. “You got it! I’m the baddest witch in town!”


7. “The men I take to my house must be the romantic type who like lots of candles.”



8. “Don’t judge me till you have flown a mile on my broom!”


9. “Good witched teach other witches how to fly. Bad witches prefer eye on newt.”


10. “Everyone is getting married, having kids, working hard and meanwhile I’m just riding my broom.”


What are your favorite spooky quotes about and by witches? Do you know any jokes about witches that you know you can get away with at any age?