10 Cute Food Names For An Adorable Little Puppy or a Lovely Big Dog


Are you looking for a sweet name to call your furry friend? Are  you having difficulties finding the a beautiful name for your new  little love.

If you want to call the playful mood and use your sense of humor, a cute food name might be a  great choice as it will refer to something cute and sweet, something you adore.  A humorous name allows you and your dog to show off your funny bones.

Besides,  many dog owners, especially celebrities, like to name their pets after their favorite meals. There are some really cute food names that are good to be called out in public and at home. Food  names are a great choice because dogs are crazy about food.

Have a look at our list of sweet and tasty food names that might be suitable for a dog … note that they might be opening your appetite every time you say them. Or maybe you will discover the new name of your puppy by looking at it and taking care of  it.

Nothing is more cute than a puppy, so why not give your dog a nice dog name to match .

1. Guacamole is always in high demand.  Just imagine how cute your Guacamole puppy is?

dog table name

2. Marshmallow are soft and squishy and your dog will feel the same way when they hug you.

3. Tater Tots are small bites of pure deliciousness and the name can refer to the fact that your dog gives you little happiness every day.

4. Peach. Peaches are sweet and so the name works on many different levels.

5. Bagel – tasty and sweet for a dog that loves bagel and wrapping its palms around you.

6. Reuben is a kind of sandwich, made of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

7. Sushi – roll, roll…need we say more?

8. Cashew -perfect for a mini dog.

9. Bean – your puppy can be your small furry bean of happiness.

10. Waffle has a very characteristic shape and form and can perhaps very well match the look of your new buddy.



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