12 Reasons Your Sister Is So Special To You


No matter how hard your life is, if you have a sister, life seems to be so easy. You are truly blessed because having a sister is one of the most precious gifts you will ever have. Friends come and go, but your sister will always be there in the journey of your life, knowing every bit of you, half of which you yourself don’t know. She is the one whom you have lived the good and bad times with. And most importantly, she is the only one who will listen to your boring stories.

1. She is your best friend forever, she is honest, and she doesn’t lie about your looks.



2. When your mother is not around, she will act like a boss and order you because she cares.

And yes, she is your second mother.


3. You will never run out of clothes. But, only when you are of same size.

Sorry brothers, not for you!



4. She is the only right person with whom you can share the break ups with your girlfriend/boyfriend.



5. When your pocket is empty and you want to hang out with your friends, you can target her purse.

But, when you are back home, be ready for some silly fights.



6. She will save you from your neighbours trying to bully you. So, you are always protected.



7. You will have a terrible fight million time but you still can’t live without each other. She will be the one to forgive you first.

Remember this!



8. She knows all your secrets and odd habits but will never tell anybody no matter what.



9. When you come home late, it is your sister who will let you in secretly.

This is something your parents won’t understand.



10. It is your birthday and you can ask her for any gifts.

But you know what, she had already decided your gift long time back. How sweet!



11. She is the only one who is genuinely happy with your success story when everyone is cursing you.



12. And at last, you cannot imagine your life without her. Can you?