13 Funny & Smooth Nerdy Pick Up Lines That Work Every Single Time


Nerds know the love formula! They have invented it.

They have studied it in depth and know how to apply it. Search no more for a guide to the history of attraction, flirting and dating.

The following pick up lines will shape your understanding of the modern courtship and help you become even more successful in gaining the attention of your crush.

If you are a serial dater, a Tinder user or you enjoy flirting, then this is a post with geeky nerdy pick up lines is a must-read for you.

1. Press that key!

2. Ooooh… how can you resist…

3. I remember …

4. You are melting my heart.

5.What are the odds? Let’s multiply.

6. Are you a 7? An 8… ?

7. Wind of love

8. The Physics of love

9. Let me do you a favor

10. Didn’t get a think but it sound romantic…

11. The kind of homework everyone wants to do.

12. You are chemically beautiful.

13. Speeding towards the bedroom






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