All Daddy’s Girl: Here Are 16 Reasons Why Your Father Is The Best Man In Your Life


You are always your daddy’s little girl no matter how grown up you are. You are greatly influenced by your father starting from an infant to a  toddler, from a teen to a lady. The special bond you two share is just incomparable. Remember that moment when you rush to the door when you hear the door bell.

Here are a few reasons why your father is your hero and will always be.

1. He is your first love.

dad and daughter


2. He loves you unconditionally and will never hurt your feeling.

dad and girl


3. For him, you are beautiful no matter how you look like.

Daddy girl


4. He is the only person who wants you to be with the most perfect man in this world.

daughter wedding



5. He is always your role model.

SRK with daughter


6. He is the one to say “Don’t worry I am here” when you are in trouble.

Daddy console



7. He is your confidence booster.

dad role model


8. He understands what you want without a word said.

duaghter gift



9. He is over protective when it comes to guys looking at you because he is possessive. Sometimes, he can land into fight for you.

daughter first dad


10. You may find a prince later but he will always be your king.

daddy girl


11. He can look funny like this just because he knows you love doing this.

father funny



12. He is always your perfect example of how your life partner should be. And it is true.

cool dad


13. He will stand by you when your mommy scolds you for having icecream.

baby ice cream


14. When your father grows old, nobody is so dearer to him than you.




15. He is the one whose heart will pain the most without tears in the eyes when you get married. After all, you are his princess.

bride crying


16. At last, he is the reason for what and how you are today. Respect him!


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If you are staying far away from your father, and have not talked to him lately, just call him up and say “I love you dad”.