11 Reasons Why Tomato Is The Most Unfortunate Fruit Ever


So, you have been reading and sharing every “10 reasons for every stupid thing” that pops up on your newsfeed.  But today, why don’t you spare a little time to discuss something really important – “how hard it is being a tomato – the most unfortunate fruit in history”.

Since the beginning of humanity, tomatoes have been keeping humans in good health by providing a lot of nutrients and antioxidants in our bodies, but we never appreciate them. Do you know how hard it is to be a tomato? Find out now…

1. Since its birth, tomato is still facing identity crisis. Tomato itself doesn’t know whether it is a fruit or a vegetable.


2. Almost all people eat tomatoes and researchers say it is the second most consumed VEGETABLE in the world. So, is it a fruit or a vegetable? Screw logic.


3. So, they started a tomato-fight festival for fun and humans throw tomatoes to each other just because they are cheap and abundant. How painful! Again, it is one of the most wasted fruits.

festival tomato jokes

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4. Tomatoes come in many embarrassing shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they look like ugly butts.


5. And sometimes they look like excited penis. How poor!


6. How about this? 🙂


7. Basically, they don’t have particular shapes. Some of them get confused and forget how to be a plant. Like this Duckmato.


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8. Now, meet tomato and its grandpa. 🙂 It gets rotten so fast unlike other fruits/vegetables.

rotten tomato

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9. And then we crush them, rot them and used them as KETCHUP.


10. Humans are so cruel to tomatoes making hundreds of jokes and memes on them.

tomato jokes

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11. And some of them are born deformed. Like this granny looking one.