30 Hilarious Posts About Adult Life That You Will Find Relatable


When I was a young boy, all I wanted in life was to grow up already, but now that I’m already an adult all I want is to sleep all day like a toddler.

Thankfully, the burden of being an adult somehow becomes fun because of all those funny adults who post hilarious stuff about their experiences and life as adults: about their work, their parenthood, their travels, their dreams, achievements and misfortunes.

I bet you can relate to these 30 hilarious posts and the stories that those people have shared.

I can relate too much to them. *cries*

1. Feels like you’ve been working for 5 hours but it’s still only 9am.

2. Just leave me alone in my own misery.

3. Hello, this is me DailyMoss’s admin.

4. Sometimes you gotta decide whether you like someone or not during your first meeting.

5. This is totally me, a fabulous kitty.

6. From classy and posh to having PTSD

7. Basically I just want to sleep forever and stay awake forever at the same time.

8. And stop inviting me.

9. These used to be the worst things that could ever happen, now I actively do them all.

10. I am in a relationship with this bottle of liquor.

11. Same feeling, but instead of monkey shit I choose alcohol.

12. No more slots open, sorry, but I will tell you when there’s an opening.

13. This is basically me every single day, except for the dressing part.

14. Everyone who’s held an office job understands this kind of mathematics.

15. But you just wear a mask like this tiny puppy.

16. Time is gold and I don’t have the time to wait for your order.

17. Growing up you discover that you are not a nice person at all and that’s okay.

18. And that’s when you finally learn about filters and lists on Facebook.

19. And it says on your door that you are hiring and I am broke.

20. And we will only talk about work related matters forever and ever.

21. After months of seeing the same people you just somehow give up on impressing them.

22. Taken straight out of my mouth.

23. And also, when I arrive please note that I did it under protest.

24. Who said it isn’t a hobby? It’s fun!

25. Ha ha ha nothing can hurt me anymore, what is dead may never die.

26. But on the plus side, I have self-awareness and I think that’s beautiful.

27. Is V’Lanta’la’mana’ma’nisha around?

28. Literally dead waiting.

29. Engage warp drive!

30. Haha that hurt.