This Woman’s In-Laws Assumed She Would Pay The Bill – Should She Have Walked Out?


In the latest saga from Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole,” a woman’s decision to leave a New Year’s Eve dinner after being expected to pay for the entire family meal with her inheritance has sparked a fiery debate. Let’s dive into the details.

Reddit user u/MirandaAddison13 shares her story, “I recently inherited a significant sum from my mom and have kept it in a separate account. My husband has been incessantly suggesting ways for me to spend it, and lately, he’s been expecting me to foot most of our bills.”

The tipping point came on New Year’s Eve. She and her husband were dining out with his family when she discovered she was expected to pay for everyone’s meal, a suggestion made jokingly by her mother-in-law. Feeling blindsided and livid, u/MirandaAddison13 chose to silently pay only for her own meal and leave the restaurant, despite the family’s protests and her husband’s attempts to bring her back.

Her husband returned home at 3 a.m., accusing her of being ‘pathetic’ for walking out and ‘humiliating’ him and his family. He also insinuated that her actions were a form of revenge for his family’s inability to help her mother during her illness.

“AITA for not wanting to pay for everyone’s dinner with my inheritance money?” u/MirandaAddison13 asks, after explaining that her husband believes she caused a rift between her and his family by refusing to pay for the celebratory dinner.

User u/RichSignal7022 cuts straight to the point, expressing disbelief at the in-laws’ attitude: “So let me get this straight. Your mother died after an illness and the thing your in-laws take from this is ‘great, now she can pay for everything’. Yeah, Not the asshole.” This comment echoes the sentiments of many who find the family’s expectations unreasonable and insensitive.

Another user, u/ElectronicRub1716, raises an alarming concern: “Not the asshole. But please see a lawyer asap. After this trick your husband is likely to divorce you to go after your inheritance; make sure your affairs are legally airtight so he can’t touch it.” This advice hints at a deeper issue, suggesting the need for legal protection to safeguard her inheritance.

u/FLmom_Report4590 adds to the conversation with a nuanced take: “No one ever has the right to expect someone else to pick up the tab, especially if it wasn’t agreed to up front.” They further elaborate on the implications of such expectations, pointing out how it can lead to a loss of joy in giving and potentially set a precedent for being used as a ‘family piggy bank.’ The commenter concludes by labeling the husband and in-laws as ‘shameful.’

The thread is ablaze with opinions, ranging from criticism of the husband’s and in-laws’ entitlement to advice on legal protection. What started as a simple question about etiquette at a family dinner has unveiled layers of complexity involving inheritance, family dynamics, and personal boundaries.

What’s your perspective? Is u/MirandaAddison13 justified in her actions, or could the situation have been handled differently? The debate is ongoing, and your opinion matters. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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