15 Ridiculously Funny Phone App Games That Will Keep Your Mind Delighted For Hours


Are you waiting for you date to arrive? Are you stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for your transportation back home? Do you have a couple of hours to kill? Check out these fun and a bit strange phone app games. They can help you kill the boredom. Just try them and you will see that time flies when you are having fun.

 1. Throw stuff in a plumber’s butt

2. Milk a cow

3. Find some hidden treasures

4. Rage wars on memes

5. Cut some panties

6. Cut more panties

7. Become an office jerk

8. Become an office bully 

9. Guess if Trump said it or not

10. Make an adorable animal to clean your screen

11. Make some cosmetic procedures to Donald Trump

12. Analyze your poop via finger scanner

13. Click on that poop

14. Hit your in laws

15. … the Indian way 16. Break 100 doors


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