11 Pictures of Guilty Dogs With Notes That Are Too Funny To Ignore


There are many methods that you can use to shame your pet for misbehaving. Regardless of the size of the mess that they have made or the troubles that they have caused, you can try to look at things from the bright side as we all make mistakes sometimes.

Notes of shame written with lots of humor work great in such situations.

1. Dinner was awesome. 

2. We are very close friends.

3. Check out my collection of hats.

4. We are sorry.

5. It wasn’t my fault.

6. An addiction, this pup cannot resist.

7. You poor Feliz.

8. Have no regrets.

9. A dog on a sock diet.

10.  Things get really awkward when guests come to visit us.

11. Ops, I did it again.


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