15 Things Every Daughter Should Inherit From Her Mother


The relationship that a mother and daughter share is very special. Every mother waits for a daughter so that she can pass on her special skills, secrets and recipes to another generation. Here are some other things that a daughter wishes to inherit from her mother.

1. Beauty

In every girl’s eyes, her mother is beautiful. There are very few girls who will be heard wishing they looked more like their father!



2. House managing skills

No one will ever say that their mother didn’t know how to run the household economically and efficiently. This is especially true once the girl gets married!



3. Jewelry

There are some mothers who tend to have the best authentic jewelry you have ever seen. You do hope that she is willing to part with some for you!


4. Saree collection

The traditional sarees are always in fashion. You know that you won’t be investing in sarees much because you want to share your mom’s collection.


5. Tips on child rearing

Every girl thinks that her mother’s way of upbringing was the best possible ever. So, they also wish to be just as knowledgeable when it is their time to be mothers.



6. Culinary skills

There is nothing in the world that tastes better than home-cooked food by mom. She is the first and finest chef you know and you wish you could cook like her.



7. Family management

Managing a family can be a frustrating time since it requires a lot of patience and sacrifices. Your mother made them willingly and you wish you get the same trait from her.


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8. Cleanliness is Godliness

Your mom has always managed to keep the house clean and organized. When you are living on your own, you wish you are able to do even half of what she does.



9. Maternal instinct

Somehow you cannot imagine a day in your life when you were not smothered with love and affection by your mother. Her maternal instincts are strong and she senses everything happening in your life even without your saying anything!



10. Sense of culture

It is the mother who teaches a child about culture and “sanskriti”. Without her, all the traditional rituals and customs would get lost in time.



11. Mother knows best

If ever you are in need of some advice, who do you turn to? Your mother, of course! You hope that with age you get that kind of wisdom too.



12. Family values

Mothers are the first teachers in a kid’s life. They teach them all about respecting people and family values.



13. Love for God

As children, not many know or understand the concept of God. But every Indian mother is a religious fanatic. While you don’t want the fanaticism, you do want to inherit her faith in God.



14. Being a lady

You will always think that your mother is the epitome of lady-like behavior. You wish you could be as graceful and refined as her.


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15. Hard worker

A mother’s job is the toughest in the world. It is one that is low on appreciation and payment, but very high on the amount of efforts required. You hope that when it is time for you to step in her shoes, you are able to display at least half of her skills!


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