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Need Instant Motivation? Read This


This year has been hard for everyone and many times it’s just so hard to look forward and hope. But you know what? All of the successful people you see now have been to the deepest sections of hell and they succeeded anyway because they did not give up. If...

20 Beautiful Moments Captured At The Right Time


Thank goodness for cameras, with them we can capture precious moments that probably will never happen again. These rare instances where events are captured at the perfect moment, forever to stay for everyone to see. Like these 20 beautiful photographs....

funny indian photoshop masters

19 Indian Photoshop Masters – No Kidding


There are many talented Indians among us and we are proud of them, left and right they make the news about something wonderful they discovered, invented, and even in the celebrity scene they are making noise. But what about those who work behind their computers to make people look better...

18 People Who Should Never Post Again On The Internet


Our mothers and fathers taught us from an early age to think first before speaking, because otherwise we will basically burn ourselves to the ground if we are not careful. In the same sense, there is such a thing we call freedom of speech, but it also be exercised with freedom...

20 Hilarious Tumblr Posts To Help Calm You Down


Having a ruff day at work or at school? Perhaps you need some refresher to lower your stress levels? I got you covered with these Tumblr posts handpicked just for you. Do you have a Tumblr? If not, you’ll most likely create one after reading through this post. It’s a...

20 Funny Tweets Of Wisdom About Marriage That’s 100% True


Being married isn’t just about spending everyday with your significant other cuddling, watching romantic movies, and going out on dates. That’s the biggest misconception. And the good thing is there are husbands out there on Twitter that can help us learn more about the intricacies of being married to someone....

20 Times Dogs Ruled Snapchat – Hilarious & Cute!


There are several types of dogs: cute dogs, crazy dogs, and mostly cute crazy dogs that lightens up everyone’s world. They are everyone’s best friends (except if you are allergic, though!) and they do stupid funny things that make everyone laugh. If you aren’t convinced yet just take a look at...

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