Paul Wong Offers Free Chinese Energetics Lessons For Chronic Pain In Dubai

Apr 25, 2024

Release any ancestral beliefs that may be causing your physical or mental illness with the FREE Chinese Energetics healing classes by Paul Wong.

Chinese Energetics (CE) focuses on correcting stuck energy imbalances that could manifest into physical, emotional, or mental illnesses. Unlike traditional forms of therapy that only address surface-level symptoms, CE gets to the root cause of chronic suffering. Applying the onion analogy, you must energetically correct layers of stuck energies to get to the root programs connected to unresolved life experiences and traumas from early life or passed on from ancestors.

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Designed for novice and experienced healers

Paul Wong offers free Chinese Energetics (CE) lessons and a healing series to the residents and healing practitioners of Dubai.

Chinese Energetics offers rapid relief and transformation compared to traditional approaches for resolving even the most challenging life issues, whether physical or non-physical. Within the physical body, various energy bodies exist, including the mental, emotional, ancestral, collective, and past lives. These energy bodies hold life experiences that impact the present-day physical body. This technique is employed to shift decades of hidden programming that causes present-day suffering across mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

How is CE different?

CE differs from traditional energy modalities such as Reiki, acupuncture, and channeling. It does not involve sending or channeling energy, positive thinking, or visualization. Rather, it focuses on detecting energy imbalances and making energetic corrections. By making these corrections, the body's innate intelligence initiates natural healing and regeneration. The correction can be likened to a shift in awareness, turning a switch from 'off' to 'on.'

A simple issue or acute pain can be resolved with a few flips of the switch. With a more complex or complicated life issue, more switches must be flipped for the mind/body/spirit to heal and experience transformation. The onion analogy best illustrates this. There are different layers of the onion, and within the layers, there are multiple switches.

A proven and effective method

Practitioners utilize the CE protocol developed from observations from working with tens of thousands of clients over the past 15+ years. Employing logic and intuition, practitioners make a series of corrections during sessions. It's not uncommon to address dozens of layers and hundreds of corrections within a single session.

When a client is dealing with chronic issues for months or even years, the body is first severely out of balance with many weaknesses. One of the most common physical symptoms of energetic weaknesses is numbness. When the numbness is addressed with these corrections, the hidden beliefs and emotions learned from early life come to light. By correcting the weaknesses, the body now has significantly more energy and space to observe hidden beliefs, forgotten hidden emotions, and old unprocessed resentments. Once a person becomes conscious of them, they break lifelong beliefs and perceptions. This ultimately resolves or significantly improves the present-day chronic issue. Learn more at and

What issues does CE address?

The CE protocol can also address significant present-day insecurities affecting relationships, productivity, self-confidence, and decision-making. For example, beliefs such as “I am not lovable” or “I am not enough” may be energetically connected to ancestral programming spanning generations. These ancestral beliefs contribute to present-day energetic weaknesses. By working with clients, practitioners not only impact present-day life but also influence the spiritual energy of ancestors and future generations as a family collective.

About Paul Wong

Paul Wong, an international trainer, master healer, and author, has taught Chinese Energetics to thousands of students worldwide for over 15 years. Alongside his certified instructors, he offers individual and group sessions online. He empowers individuals to learn energetic relationships with their body-mind-spirit system, leading to overall well-being.

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