17 Incredible Caricatures of Celebrities Bring Out Their True Personality


Celebrity caricatures aren’t a new trend. Whether they are insulting or complimentary, the caricatures that portray our idols as incredibly zany or cartoony, often gain great popularity, because they make us laugh or stare in astonishment.

Here are some cool caricatures of celebrities that we share solely for entertainment.

1. Nicole Kidman

2. Johnny Depp

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

5. Cameron Diaz

6. Nicolas Cage

7. Tom Cruise

8. Lady Gaga

9. J K Rowling

10. Jim Carry

11. Tim Burton

12. Mark Zuckerberg

13. Pink

14. Richard Branson

15. Melania Trump

16. Cristiano Ronaldo

17. Rafael Nadal


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