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24 Memes About Friends That You Must Share With Your BFF


“God made us friends because he knew that one mother couldn’t handle two crazy people like us.” Memes are a way to ridicule your friends in the most kind way. Memes are a great way to publicly greet your friends for their accomplishments or to laugh together at common stories...

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15 Sarcastic Responses From the Lords of the Ironic Comebacks


Being a sarcastic person is not an easy thing. You need to fully understand the situations to come back with a good punchline. The sarcastic replies can be deliciously wicked and slightly evil sometimes. And as a result, despite smiling outwardly, most people are put down my sarcasm and usually think...

10 Great Castle Quotes That Are Tons of Fun To Read


Castle is a series full of tension, mysteries, romance… in which the best seller author Rick Castle of pulpy crime novels is invited to assist the New York police when a serial killer begins committing copycat crimes based on situations in his books. Castle and his partner Beckett often find...

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