10 Cute Girlish Quotes That Will Boost Your Motivation & Pretty Your Attitude


As Coco Chanel has said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

What kind of girls do you meet in your life ? Classy? Shy? Vulnerable? Or powerful & independent? Emancipated?

What is it that makes them so special and… fabulous?

Do they have a moto in their life that moves them through a bad day and keeps them motivated? In search of the secret to the girls’ power and motivation, we came across 10 pretty amazing girlish quotes… Have a look, which one of them fits you and the girls in your best?

1.  Rise and shine

2. Please, please, please…

3. Catch me if you can

4.  What is your superpower?

5. It’s all a matter of priorities

6. It’s just me, myself and I

7.  You better choose wisely

8. Who? Me? Stalking? Never.

9. Simple as that

10. Three simple steps to perfection


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