18 Little Struggles Only A True 90s Indian Kid Will Understand


Today when everything is  just one click away, we are amazed how we survived in those days in 90s even without a cell phone and how we communicated or gained information without Internet. But the truth is that even though we were technologically handicapped, we had lived the most exciting stage of our life only in 90s that today’s kids will never be able to relate. We managed to stay happy in those days of pen and paper. Here are some of the little excitement 90s kids lived with which we feel were a big struggle when we see today’s world:

1. Putting film in the camera roll and adjusting it in proper position to ensure it had been fitted properly.




2. Making sure we had the perfect pose as one film was quite valuable as there were only 35-36 films per roll.



3.  Waiting anxiously for the pictures to be developed and washed at photo studios. But that tragic moments when you got half of the pictures blank/blurred after much hard work of photograph session. Doh!


Image: The DailyMoss


4. Memorizing the phone numbers of your friends and noting down in your personal diary.



5. That spine-chilling moment when your landline phone rang in front of your father when you were waiting call from your boyfriend.


6. And that moment when you called up your crush and her dad picked up the call. Oops!

So, just to avoid the risk, you called her through your sister just in case her father answered the phone. How we managed so hard.:-)



7. And this. Password protected.



8. Renting those VCR cassette from the parlour and spending half of the time getting irritated when the result was pathetic. And those rewinding and forwarding were another pain.



9. Waiting for one long week to watch our favorite TV programs like Moghali, Chandrakanta, Shaktiman, Malgudi Days, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry……  because they were telecasted only on Sundays.



10. And you could listen to all the programs in the radio for whole day just to listen to your favorite song.


radiomuseum.org via abhisays


11. Had to go through many books for your Science project or homework for school.



12. Spending your pocket money to buy audio cassettes of your favorite bands, passing them from one friend to other and never getting them back.


13. And the real investment was a pen or pencil to rewind and fast forward the song.


14. And then this happened!


Flickr: mirandarush/Creative Commons


15. If you had this, you were considered to be real tech savvy. Sadly, you could save hardly one document.


Credit: Imation via macrotronics


16. From 6th class you had to switch from pencil to ink pen and you used to practice writing with pen before the session starts.



17. This sole horror serial gave you sleepless nights.



18. The End.

We were patient enough to see this and wait for the next program.


If you are one of the 90s kids, please share the most struggling moments you had.