12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power Of A Common Man In India


One man can pull a huge mountain, one ordinary man can defeat an entire government, one man can shut down a billion dollar company. Yes, we are talking about the power of a common man – the power in you. Here are a few reasons why you should never mess with an ‘aam aadmi’.

1. This Assamese man single handedly planted an entire forest over 30 years without any help from the government.



2. This IAS officer built a 100 kms long road to connect a remote village in Manipur to the other parts of the state with no help from the government.

Armstrong Pame started the project in 2012 alone and collected funds through Facebook. Now, the road is even connected to others states like Nagaland and is smoothly motor-able.


Image: epao.net


3. Arvind Kejriwal before and after he became the Chief Minister of Delhi.



4. No matter how rich you are or which car you drive, you have to wait for the traffic and can’t win a race against the public bus.


Photo Credit: Anil Kapse


5. When SBI messed up with the wrong guy, this happened. See, common man always wins if he is right.



6. When a group of people united and lifted a bus to rescue students who were trapped under the vehicle in Pune.



7. Government could not do anything, so this old man dug a huge mountain and made transportation easy for his community in his village.



8. When the Government of Madhya Pradesh came up with a bizarre rule – ‘no helmet, no petrol’, this is how the citizens reacted.



9. When netizens massively protested on social media and made a McDonald branch in Pune shut down after they threw out a poor kid just because he tried to buy cold drink.



10. When Flipkart tried to fool us, one wise man stood up and taught them a lesson.



11. So you think an ordinary man can’t have those six-pack abs that you see in Bollywood movies?



12. A driver was not paid his monthly salary, so he parked the car like this and quit his job.