20 Wholesome Memes That Will Make You Say “Nice”


If you are tired of funny memes, sad memes, super edgy emotional memes, and especially since 2016 has been generally sh*tty to all of us, a breath of fresh air is needed. Therefore, I present to you 20 wholesome memes that won’t make you feel sad, super happy, or feel nothing. You’ll just feel…normal, like these wholesome memes.

1. Because Bae makes your life better

2. What a very cute bat cat 🙂

3. Coolio is glad people asked about his wellbeing

4. When I retire I will build something similar for my cats too

5. Doesn’t matter if candles are fake, the love is real

6. Best gift ever!

7. A real man keeps his words

8. Lovely couple <3

9. 2016 has been terrible but there is still a lot of good things out there

10. Even asleep he knows he is loved

11. Because moms are our love and life

12. No one is going to be sad, not on his watch

13. I need a friend who will send me photos of their cute pets too

14. What did we do to deserve dogs?

15. Everyone is on full panic mode

16. Looking at the bright side of things

17. The best kind of family gathering

18. It’s good to hang out with friends

19. Assuring a female friend that she is not alone <3

20. Dogs just want to love you