20 Normal Memes Because Dank Memes Are Too Mainstream


Tired of looking at memes all day? Let’s take a breather and check these wholesome memes that might be right up your alley. They are nothing special, no special twists, just memes that will make you smile because life is good.

1. Ah, what a beautiful sight to behold

2. Because there is no other option but to be the best

3. Remembe this: You are awesome

4. Talk to yourself too sometimes to know what you need

5. What a good boy

6. Remember that you are loved

7. Be kind to everyone, folks

8. It’s okay to not be mean just to tell a joke

9. It’s all about companionship

10. I bet he gave good luck to everyone too

11. The best kind of drinking game

12. Relationships are sacred

13. You are the master of your fate, captain of your soul

14. An important reminder

15. Every dog deserves to be pet

16. What a very good dog

17. The most important meal

nutella meme


18. Even autocorrect wants you to be happy

19. It’s free to be kind

20. What an excellent day