20 “Just Girly Things” Parodies That Will Make You LOL


Every nice things will be made fun of on the internet. This “Just Girly Things” thing is not safe either. People took it and turned it from something romantic to something damn funny.

1. Girls like it when boys make the first move

2. And when they wear hats and pose like this

3. A way to a woman’s heart

4. It means there’s going to be a school shooting

5. Heil

6. What a fine view this morning

7. Be careful of what you wish for!

8. So very random!

9. We all know what’s in those boxes

10. Never change, Hitler

11. I’m going to hell for laughing at this

12. Start a crusade for Jerusalem because it is rightfuly yours!

13. *heart beats faster*

14. A man after every girl’s heart

15. Electrifying 😉

16. Same

17. Nice view too

18. Smells like newly cooked rice

19. Banned from club penguin

20. We just got hit by terrorists sir