19 People Who Are Super Lazy They Still Failed At Their Simple Jobs


This is a funny post but it can also serve as a guide on how not to fail so hard at your job, especially if it’s not brain surgery or rocket science!

1. Very genius, mr. carpenter

2. Can’t even spell your own country right

3. But it’s already written there?!

4. Okay this one is funny LOL

5. Someone forgot to replace the texts

6. Those definitely don’t look black to me

7. Oh boy, it’s like starting a war

8. I love this watermelon

9. They ran out of white ink?

10. There is no escape, everyone goes down

11. Kill…me….

12. How hard is it to repack? LOL

13. What a beautiful good dog

14. Genius lol

15. What’s the purpose of that doorstopper?

16. Is it okay to stack?

17. LOL

18. Wait, that’s not Fanta

19. Someone finally invented time travel