13 Awesome Feelings You’ll Have If You’re Blessed With An Elder Sister


Usually considered as someone next to your mother, she is the one whom u can trust with your eyes closed. Those who have an elder sister will understand how amazing a life is with someone to pamper you when you feel like a child, give you utmost care when you feel lost, and stand like a pillar when the things fall apart.

Here are some of the greatest feelings you have if you are blessed with an elder sister:

1. You grew up with a friend even before you knew the meaning of friendship. And she turns out to be your best friend forever.


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2. She had been the one who was most excited when you came in this world.


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3. If you are a girl, you already have your wardrobe ready to use without much effort. “Jo mera hai woh tera hai Jo tera hai woh mera”.

Your favorite dress will be same and you surely have cat fight if you have to go out together.



4. You are her barbie doll to experiment on with new make up and dresses.


5. You don’t need to worry much starting your school as she had already introduced you to her friend circle and you would be in limelight.



6. She becomes both your strength and weakness as the time pass by.




7. She is your saviour when your snoopy relatives see you hanging out with your friends during your school/college hour. She will cover everything up.



8. And when you have the most scary confession to do, don’t worry, your elder sister will help you start.


9. You will have your permanent and best shopping partner.


10. She will discuss more negative traits about opposite sex than good things because she cares and fears you don’t fall into wrong relation.



11. She helplessly accepts your unreasonable tantrums because she has no choice.




12. She is your most insightful advisor.



13. At last, as long as she is there, you will always find a guardian beside you.


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